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Guest writers are warmly invited to feature their work on our platform.

Whether you're an experienced blogger, a seasoned writer, or a fresh graduate eager to showcase your skills to a broader audience, we'd be thrilled to consider your submissions for our website.

We require your article to be original (i.e., not published anywhere else, including your personal website), of exceptional quality, and exceeding 1,500 words in length.

Below, you'll find our detailed submission guidelines.

In appreciation of your contribution, we will feature your bio, including your photo, name, and a brief summary.

Our Promise to You

For every article or blog post that we feature on our website, we will promote it across our social media platforms, which include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This ensures your creative endeavor receives a broad reach.

In reciprocation, we kindly request that you also share the published article on your social media profiles.

Moreover, as previously stated, we will incorporate a hyperlink in your article, enabling our readers to click through to your website or social account, should they wish to.

Guidelines for Guest Writers

Please scrutinize the following guidelines for guest writers prior to submitting an article for review:

  • Propose a captivating title/headline
  • Structure your content with pertinent sub-headings
  • Utilize short paragraphs for easy readability
  • The work must be original and composed in grammatically correct English
  • The work must not be copied (in part or in whole) from another website, article, book, or any copyrighted source
  • The work must contain over 1,500 words
  • The tone of the work should not be sarcastic, divisive, or negative
  • Avoid including your brand or name within the article body
  • If incorporating images or videos, they must be high quality and copyright approved (proof must be provided)
  • Include references for any data, statistics, or research cited (with hyperlinks to the source)

Article Submission

Please forward your article (in Word or PDF format) via email to us, ensuring the following are included:

  • Article title/headline
  • Article content
  • Any photos/videos to be incorporated in your article
  • Your bio along with links to your social media profiles
  • Include the following statement in the email: 'I consent to the terms of use for submitting an article to our website'

Terms of Use

We neither remunerate for articles nor accept payment for featuring articles on our website. We strictly adhere to Google's webmaster guidelines, so please refrain from requesting paid links in your article.

We routinely review the articles submitted and published on our site. Should we find that your article has been reproduced elsewhere, we may opt to remove it from our site.

By submitting an article, you consent to its use on our website (with any editorial amendments we deem appropriate) and you agree not to demand payment or allege copyright infringement now or in the future.

Lastly, once the article is published on our website, we retain the rights to it, and republishing the article elsewhere without our prior written consent is prohibited.